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The Glover Family

Cole: Seventh-generation Texan, who moved to Denver and fell in love with a Maui princess. I never thought of travel as a leisure activity until 2013, when at the age of 29, friends suggested that traveling was their preferred recreational hobby. My first trip was to Albuquerque NM for a weekend excursion. I searched for my path with much fervor and flexibility. I climbed to the top in three unrelated careers, lived in 23 different addresses, and worked at 27 different jobs. My journey led me to a family that is rich in love and excited by adventure. My story is is proof that anyone from anywhere can change their destiny if they work hard and keep trying. It is very uncommon for someone from my hometown to travel, much less embrace a lifestyle of travel.​

You can find me online: Instagram

Kerri: Born and raised on Maui, my mom always encouraged travel as the primary source of education. She is my inspiration for traveling! I've lived in ten cities and Costa Rica in the last 17 years. I owned a large event planning company that I recently sold, and I am also a marketing consultant. I have a B.S. in Marketing from Santa Clara University and an MBA from Regis University. Most importantly, I am a single mother to Benjamin, the little love of my life. 


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Benjamin: Always up to try new foods, I'm an 11 year old with a taste for travel! My first passport picture was taken at five months old, and I've never looked back! I enjoy flying (my mom doesn't like the bumps on the plane) and making new friends. I am a gifted student, so my mom will be challenging me with my education abroad. I love asking her questions! Starting our first world trip at MineCon was my choice, I love historical politics and playing FortNite. 


You can find me online: Instagram

Evelyn: I'm new to the Glover family and look forward to enjoying my first years traveling!


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