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50 Things I learned traveling around the World

I have been working on this list since I began our trip around the world. Some of these insights are practical, some are personal, but all of them helpful I hope!

50 Things I learned traveling around the world.

1. If you have finally figured out how to tell a taxi how to get to your apartment in a language you don't speak, your plane probably departs tomorrow.

2. The nicer you are, the better. Always.

3. Overspray the bug spray, and bring it with you. Even when you think you don't need it.

4. Carry your own tissue that can double as toilet paper with you at all times.

5. Pack more underwear.

6. Wear the comfortable shoes. Always.

7. Always carry cash.

8. Take photos of a good directional map or transit instructions on your phone so you can access them without wifi.

9. If you stand on a street corner with a map open, looking confused, someone will probably stop and help you.

10. Pack a foldout shopping sac in your daypack for purchases. They are much sturdier than plastic bags and their handles are stronger.

11. Carabeeners are magic things.

12. Double check the world clock before you call home!

13. Tights make a great extra layer under pants.

14. Also, leggings are pants.

15. Just buy more underwear.

16. In other countries, it's is possible to buy melons and a bra in the same mini market.

17. When you find two seasons of Golden Girls on DVD in your AirBnb, it is your new obsession.

18. Salad dressing does not exist in countries outside of the US.

19. Always ask how much it is.

20. In some countries, you can take $5,000 out of an ATM on the street. Do the conversion before you push a button.

21. Learn how to take a very fast shower if you like hot water.

22. If you are on a train between countries, print your tickets for customs.

23. When in Paris, open with French, no matter how bad your accent is. They will answer you in English, but appreciate it.

24. Always ask when the airport opens.

25. If you can't find something at a grocery store, go to a neighborhood restaurant and ask to buy the materials from them.

26. Things change, restaurants move, don't expect the same experience that you had the last time you visited. Be open to new experiences!

27. GPS does not work in Venice, Italy. 

28. Just because it's a ski town in December does not mean there is snow.

29. Dogs in Europe have full wardrobes, and are more fashionable than most Americans.

30. Buy the lightest and sturdiest luggage that you can. It's worth the investment.

31. When in Rome, the best way to attract patrons to your restaurant is to have the entire staff smoke in the doorway. The best way.

32. If you take your kids to the Vatican, they will take a selfie with their favorite roman mythology statue.

33. Working all the way through the day is for suckers. Do like the Italians do and take a four hour break in the afternoon.

34. In Greece, if you are engaged, your ring is on your left hand. When you are married, it is worn on your right hand.

35. If you leave things alone to grow, they get huge! Take the African safari for example...yikes!

36. Ants in Africa are so big, you first think they are spiders.

37. Australians have the most adorable slang any place I've visited. Breckie is breakfast, Bevie is beverage, and cook choock is a rotisserie chicken!

38. In Indonesia, women are "Darling"s and men are "Boss".

39. The only safe place to bicycle in Bali is on the sidewalk.

40. Watch your step in Bali, don't step on offerings left for the spirits by the Indonesian people.

41. Items in markets abroad can vary by 50% stall to stall. Don't buy the first thing you see.

42. Start negotiations at 50% of the price of anything in Hong Kong.

43. If you want to see a film in Hong Kong, buy your tickets waaaaaay in advance.

44. The best toilets in the world are in Tokyo. The seats are heated, they play rainforest sounds and even have built in bidets.

45. The only things that you need to know in any language are "Hello, Goodbye, Sorry, and Thank you."

46. I love to bow to another person. It's so respectful, I wish more cultures adopted it.

47. The world is very small and very large at the same time. Travel makes you realize how small you are and how much you can impact others at the same time.

48. You can have a very expensive meal and a very cheap meal, either one could be the best of your life.

49. Travel is fun solo, but nothing beats sharing experiences with people you love.

50. The more you travel, the more you places you need to see, experiences you need to have, and people that you need to meet. Buy the ticket.

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