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Are you coming to visit?

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Planning this trip around the world has been nothing but fun! I've spent more time than any person should on Airbnb.com and have successfully booked about 80% of our flights and places to stay.

Here is the good news: we have extra room in almost every location that we are visiting. 

I'm happy to host your stay with us  - we would love visitors who are our family and friends from the United States. So if you've been desiring a trip abroad in 2016/2017, now is your chance to stay with us, it's on me!

Below is an accurate list of our destinations  - we have room in every location for at least one, possibly two guests with the exception of: France (second week only),  Italy, South Africa, Australia, and China segments. Please let Kerri know if you are even interested in the chance to stay, so I can block those extra beds for you!

The date listed to the left is when we arrive in each location:

Benjamin and I hope you can join us! Hope to see you there!

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