• Kerri Butler


I think that most visitors to Australia, choose Sydney. Our family chose Perth because that's where our family is located. When my family emigrated from Yugoslavia a the turn of the last century, they split between the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. So now we have family in all of those locations!

Benjamin celebrated his ninth birthday in Perth. Cole and I set up a fantastic scavenger hunt that took Benjamin to a donut shop, water park with koalas, a ramen noodle restaurant, out for mocktails, and then back to our AirBnb to unwrap his big present - a Nintendo Switch! We were lucky enough to celebrate Benjamin' s birthday with my family again!

Date night strikes again and Cole and visited a pub for dinner, drinks at a vodka bar and then swing dancing at a country bar! Everything is upside down down under.

On one of our final days, we visited the ocean side towns of Rockingham Beach and Fremantle. These stops were so charming and picturesque.

The hospitality that our family extended to us during our visit was outstanding. They took us on so many adventures and hosted so many meals. A visit we will never forget.

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