• Kerri Butler


The Aspen of Italy? Ski town of the Dolomites? Well, besides the amazing boutiques, Cortina was a sad, dry sight as we rolled into town on the bus known as The Cortina Express from Venice. We checked into a darling family run hotel called Hotel Allemagne Restaurant. It was located in San Vito, about fifteen minutes south of Cortina. 

We could sense right away that our focus wouldn't be winter sports, we decided to explore the surrounding area for additional activities. We found a swimming pool that had a day fee and we boarded a bus and off we went! The sexy red swim caps were an additional bonus. 

 We spent a couple of days exploring the town of Cortina. The high priced boutiques were no match for our wallets, but we enjoyed exploring anyway!

 The boys did decide to brave the mountain one day and ski with the produced snow. I met them for lunch on the mountain, and they were having a great time!

 We celebrated New Year's Eve in Cortina, which meant a bottle of champagne and some impromtu party hats and decorations. 

 We found out later that it hasn't snowed in Cortina in December for five years. Global Warming much? We enjoyed this adorable town despite the lack of snow, I could see how charming this town could be covered in white!

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