• Kerri Butler

Czech Republic

As we very much like to wander, our first day in Prague was unscripted.  My mom, Benjamin and I took an Uber to the walled city of Prague near the castle, and wandered down the ornate streets to St Nicholas church. The beautiful reliefs and detailed architecture of the city was magnificent. I couldn't snap enough photos of all of the details!

The churches in Prague were among the most beautiful I have ever seen. Beginning with St Nicholas church, the ornate gold sparkled in the low light. The sound of church bells ringing will be one of the sounds I will miss most when we return.

We loved Old Town so much that we decided to visit the Christmas market the next day. My mom tried a Treldnik, a Czech roasted pastry covered in cinnamon sugar. The town square had such a large Christmas tree and a fun little petting zoo for Ben. We also visited a second St Nicholas church, with the most beautiful chandelier!

When we were walking around town, we noticed that city tours were being offered in stretch vintage cars. My mom loved the idea so we bundled up to tour around the city and see the sites! 

 On our last day in Prague, we took a tour of the castle. What a beautiful city with gothic details. We came upon a choir using the walled courtyard for a rehearsal with beautiful acoustics. Mom joined them in a stanza of "Un Flambeau".

 Golden Row in the castle city is a row of tiny homes originally designed for people who served at the castle. It was later home to many artists, psychics, and creatives of Prague.

Time to pack the bags! With the addition of a wedding dress, our luggage was overwhelming. Ready to board the train to Budapest! 

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