• Kerri Butler

Day One: The Spark of Planning Begins

On the eve of receiving an offer to purchase my company, I believe that I should use this indescribable excitement to "pen" my first blog on this site. 

When you tell someone (or five, as I have this evening) you've made such a major life change at the age of 37, their first question is always, "What will you do next?"

I have to admit, I am very comfortable with, "I don't know."

I just spent the last sixteen years building the largest wedding and event planning company in Colorado. And today, I agreed to a plan which would close that door, and open so many others on April 13th. Now, I am in talks to consult and build another wedding venue. A lovely proposition that I am ready to tackle.

Or am I?

I consider myself an adventurer. Let me first introduce you to the women that raised and influenced me.  My grandmother, my mother, and my aunt chose not see what they could not do, but only what they enjoyed and excelled at. My grandmother became a travel agent after my grandfather passed away and she then traveled the world. She told me that she believed in past lives when she visited China, just knowing that she had already been there.

My aunt became the COO at a thriving company building sports resorts across the country. Hungry for travel, she and her husband have climbed Kilimanjaro (almost, sorry Uncle Ed!), been on Safari, they love Europe, and have Australia to tackle next. 

Then there is my mother. My mother finds adventure in the everyday. She is the most glamorous person that most anyone knows who knows her. When she pulled my brother and I out of school on a regular basis to travel, it would result in scolding from the powers that be. Unfortunately for them, my mother simply said, "They will learn more from traveling with me to any destination about their world than they will learn all year at this school." And she's right. Most children didn't see the Bolshoi ballet, travel across the Pacific Ocean 20 times, or experience skyscrapers in New York all before the age of sixteen. That is, unless my mother was in charge (and she always is!).

Travel just has to be "What I'm doing next". I've been talking about taking my 8-year-old son, Benjamin, on a world wide tour across the globe for years. With a background like mine, I can't see how either of us could pass up this opportunity to learn, love, and discover the world and each other. There are very few times in life where the way is pretty clear, and I'm just having one of those pretty clear days.

How will we do it? I have no idea where to start. But I think this journal, this site, will help outline our plans, and hopefully help others who feel the call to wander.

I think I will focus on logistics in upcoming posts. I want to leave this optimistic dream where it should be. Happy and unkept.

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