• Kerri Butler

Fit to Travel

It is always a challenge to stay in shape while traveling, so devising a fitness plan for our six month around the world trip was important to me. Not only did I want to stay in shape, but I wanted to create a plan to lose a bit of weight and tone while on my trip.

Of course, most of fitness lies with food. So making daily choices about what to taste and try of local food, and what to skip is key to making sure that I can experience a culture, but not undo my hard work. Also, Benjamin and I are staying in AirBnb properties with kitchens. This allows me to cook each breakfast, most lunches, and a few dinners. When we eat out and experience local flavors, Benjamin and I often order a meal and split it. This allows us to keep our budget in line, and my waistline too!

To stay active, we begin our mornings with in room workouts with Sworkit. Sworkit is a fantastic app that allows us to pick and choose our workout, and follow videos of instructors showing us the correct exercises. From cardio to Pilates, we have tried almost all of the workouts available. Benjamin took a few fun pictures of me while I was Swoking it and he used his editor too!

Through these workouts, Benjamin discovered his love of Yoga. Since then, we've joined a few Yoga classes on our travels and will continue to search them out on our trip. I took this photo of Benjamin doing a warrior II left pose under the Arenal volcano in Costa Rica. 

We also set a step goal for ourselves of two million steps in six months on the trip. So far, we've only collected 158,000, but I hope the streets of Europe and treks along the Great Wall will help us reach our goal!

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