• Kerri Butler


We knew that our trip to Greece would be focused on the metropolis areas because of the time of the year of our visit. Although I've always heard about the beauty of the Greek islands, I thought I would save that visit for warmer months.

We checked into a very chic AirBnb in Athens, and promptly set out to devour a proper Greek meal. Steak, lamb, sausage, talk about meat sweats! We weren't prepare for the amazing shopping in Athens! So many beautiful handmade goods in leather, fur, spices, and more!

Next on our list was visiting the Acropolis and Temple of Athena. Although restoration was underway, the grand nature of these magnificent buildings can't be overstated. The thought and design that the Ancient Greeks used to create these sacred spaces was so amazing. I took one of my favorite photos of Benjamin that I have ever taken at a sunset near the Acropolis, overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Once we had seen the ancient ruins, we enjoyed the very best of the Greek city of Athens. Shopping, antiques, and food tasting was on the menu. Benjamin even ate a pizza served in a cone! Thank you for all of your luxuries Greece!

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