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We decided to blog each of our Italian locations separately, as we spent almost an entire month in Italy and so much took place! Our first stop was in Pompeii, where we took a train to the darling town. After an AirBnb mishap, we quickly found ourselves at the lovely B&B, La Casa di Plinio with the most wonderful host, Martina!

That night, she recommended a delicious pizza place in town, and Benjamin sat down to have the most amazing pizza of our lives! The restaurant was called I Matti La Pizzeria and the Rose and the pistachio and pineapple pizza was a welcome end to a tumultuous day. It's funny how travel can be so exciting and then you suffer low points, but then it turns a corner, and you are back on track! 

The next day, we were fresh and ready for the amazing ruins of Pompeii. I have to confess, I wasn't prepared for the majesty of the ruins, nor the expansive nature of the site. It's amazing how perfectly preserved the homes are in this ancient city. Entire frescos of rooms from floor to ceilings and mosaic floors were pristine. 

 We packed a little al fresco picnic to enjoy with a view!

 I especially enjoyed the architecture of the larger homes. They almost always included an interior courtyard, bringing the outside in. One of the homes that we saw even included a bath house that brought water in through an entirely marble room, to keep their guests cool on hot days. I hope to design a home one day that includes inspiration from these elements.

The next day, we made another visit to the ruins. I appreciated these ancient trees, and the light that came through them. 

 We explored some of the larger buildings, such as the amphitheater where the gladiators battled. The largest in Pompeii sat 50,000 spectators.

Pompeii's frescos were just amazing. Their depiction of mythology and day to day life was fascinating. 

A few more detail pictures below from the baths, the grand market and a few other areas. Pompeii is a place I would like to visit again, and learn more about the history from a guide.

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