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Time to Pack!

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

With only two days left before our around the world trip begins, Benjamin and I decided it was time to pack! After slimming and trimming everything we wanted to bring with us for six months into two small bags each, we successfully zipped those zippers!

Below are photographs of each of our bags with more detail of everything we packed. You can purchase many of these items here.

Benjamin's packing inventory:

Purchase items online here.

1. Safari hat

2. Lug pillow and blanket

3. Camelback junior day pack and bladder

4. Patagonia day bag and emoticon bag

5. Patagonia roller duffel

6. Swim shirt and trunks

7. iPhone (thanks Cole!) for extra movie time on the plane

8. iPad (thanks Santa!) for school work and play

9. Headphones (thanks Auntie Sandy!) and extra battery

10. World adapter

11. Cold weather accessories (thanks Grandma!)

12. Spork for each of us

13. 7 pairs of socks

14. Exterior jacket

15. Tinker Crate - we brought one with us, and Cole is bringing for science projects through Tinker Crate throughout the trip

16. Three fleeces/sweaters

17. Four collared shirts

18. Five t-shirts

19. Four pairs of pants that zip to shorts

20. Eight pairs of underwear

21. Packing bags

22. Shades

23. Pencil case

24. Hiking shoes and water sandals

When we set this out, Benjamin thought it would be impossible to pack into these two small bags. So we took progress pictures to show how the packing cubes help! He proclaimed, "This is Awesome!" when we were finished.

Kerri's packing inventory:

I have to admit, my desire to document this trip in so many ways seems to have gotten the best of me! I would rather have one more travel journal than one more pair of shoes!

 Purchase items online here.

1. Camelback Luxe day pack and water bladder

2. Osprey backpack

3. Patagonia roller duffel

4. Filtered Water bottle

5. Trail running shoes

6. Travel journal, travel documents

7. Kindle (thanks Cole!)

8. Pop-up maps

9. One jacket,one fleece, one light coat

10. Keens

11. Cold weather accessories and safari hat

12. Medical emergency kit

13. Travel pillow and blanket

14. Tieks (flats)

15. Packing cubes

16. Multi-use tool

17. Noise cancelling Eerbuds

18. Three pairs of shorts

19. Four t-shirts, three long sleeve shirts, five tank tops

20. Watercolor kit and easel, travel journal, sketch book and pencils and mom journal

21. Six pairs of socks

22. Two bikinis (an indulgence, I know!)

23. Leather clutch and RFID Travel Wallet

24. One strapless bra and one sports bra

25. One daytime dress, one evening dress

26. Three pairs of leggings/capris

27. Two scarves 

28. Seven pairs of underwear

29. Flip Flops (thanks Cole!)

30. Grid it with every charger possible!

31. MacBook Pro

32. Prescriptions and liquids

33. Bathroom kit and make-up

34. Travel curling iron and flatiron

I'm sure we've overpacked and I can't fit one little purchase, but we can each manage our own luggage, and that is key! Bon Voyage!

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